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114 Sydney Smith Street

Address:114 Sydney Smith Street
Use:computer lab, offices, gathering space, boardroom
Architects:Prairie Architects Inc.
Firms:Prairie Architects Inc.
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Migizii Agamik, also known as the Bald Eagle Lodge or the Aboriginal House, is a pivotal project in bringing representation of the Aboriginal community to the architecture of the Fort Garry Campus. The building focus on the integration of Aboriginal traditions and culture and was developed through collaboration with Aboriginal designers, representatives and elders. The building houses a computer lab, a student lounge, a student council office, gathering space, a boardroom and a kitchen.

The Healing Lodge, a circular spiritual space, is annexed to the west side of the building. Symbols and traditions, central to Aboriginal culture, were incorporated into these spaces. Thirteen ribs within the student lounge reflect the thirteen teachings associated with the full Grandmother Moon. The circular center of the building references Mother Earth, balance and harmony, and the Medicine Wheel, while the seven poles within the building reflect other Aboriginal teachings. The four cardinal directions are referenced by the positioning of the lounge. Stretching precisely east to west, a Tyndall stone wall rises from the ground on both ends to provide a route the building. The main building entrance is oriented towards the rising sun and signifying rebirth and new life.

The Aboriginal Centre is the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building on the university campus. The design approach and choice of materials aimed to achieve a high level of sustainability while still addressing cultural traditions. The use of Tyndall stone and wood meets the desire for local materials while continuing a design tradition of the older buildings on campus.