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Formerly:Lithuanian Church of God
St Casimir's Lithuanian Church
Address:432 Elgin Avenue
Use:Place of worship
Original Use:Place of worship
Constructed:1953 -1957
Architects:Alfredas Kulpa-Kulpavičius
Contractors:Built with volunteer labour

More Information

The former Lithuanian Church of God at 432 Elgin Street was designed by Alfredas Kulpa-Kulpavičius, a Toronto architect born in Europe who had studied in the 1940s at Vytautas Magnus University, the Kaunas Institute of Applied Arts, the University of Hanover, and Darmstadt Technical University. This is the fourth church Kulpavicious constructed in Canada. Building began in 1953, with the construction of the basement. A temporary roof enclosed the structure until 1957, when the superstructure was added.

The church melds native Lithuanian and Modern features. On the one hand, much of the wood work is assembled in a traditional way by joinery. On the other hand, the shape of the edifice, a strong inverted V form topped with a thin spire suggests contemporary influences. The interior includes arches made of granite that was moved and installed by parishioners from Manitoba’s Seven Sisters area. The original pump organ, from St. Paul’s college, was modified to function mechanically, with the addition of a vacuum cleaner.

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