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422 Jarvis Avenue

Formerly:Winnipeg Cold Storage Company Limited
Address:422 Jarvis Avenue

More Information

The Winnipeg Cold Storage Company Limited Building stands as an enormous and impressive landmark adjacent to the city's Salter Street bridge. The Cold Storage Company itself, founded by local entrepreneur Meyer Chechik, has been located near this site since at least 1914 when Chechik hired Max Blankstein for architectural work (filed as Winnipeg building permit 230). A location at this site, next to the vast Canadian Pacific Railyards, would have been advantageous for a business involved in the complicated period world of food transportation and distribution.

Over many years the current mammoth building arose in stages: receiving in 1935 a $35,000 addition by contractors Carter-Halls-Aldinger for; another reinforced concrete addition in 1937 (at a cost of $100,000) designed by architect George Northwood; and more work in 1938 again by Carter-Halls-Aldinger for $7,000. The 1935 work may have had its costs supplemented by $37,000 damages the Winnipeg Cold Storage Company Limited received from the City of Winnipeg in compensation for property destruction incurred during the building of a new Salter Street bridge in 1933. The portion of the Cold Storage Company Building likely best known to passersby is its large east section, which announces its presence in large unmissable letters of a period character "WINNIPEG COLD STORAGE" and "WINNIPEG COLD STORAGE CO. LTD." This section, built of reinforced concrete and designed in a simplified Art Deco style, dates to 1940 came another addition and was erected at a cost of $75,000.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:North End
  • Multi-stage construction
  • Large signage
  • Reinforced concrete construction