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St. John's High School

Address:401 Church Avenue
Original Use:Educational
Constructed:1960 and 1966
Architects:W. I. Enns, divisional architect
Contractors:Arlington Builders Ltd. (1966)

Design Characteristics

Suburb:St. John's
  • The storied St. John's High School has been the heart of the community for decades and this is the third school carrying the name on this site
  • Sections of it are the same as Kelvin High School and the two went up almost concurrently, each an engineering wonder as neither school was ever closed so the first parts of the new school in 1960 were attached to the old building and eventually a connecting wall had to be demolished with vast skill
  • Varied volumes and heights all faced in red brick with exposed white steel framing tie together in an irregular plan that shows a different face to each side of its residential site
  • There are three primary entrances: a large sign over the east entrance out to the yard, which is high visible from a busy main street (Salter), a big collector entrance, also with a large and proud sign on the south side and the more formal west entrance off Powers which is a glassed and recessed bay centred on an otherwise windowless block where the divisions in the steel frame determined the width of the opening
  • Windows vary from sleek vertical slashes in the northwest wing to banks of divided windows on the 1960 on the eats end
  • The school was built mostly according to the single plan and has had little change for a long time, hence it has retained good integrity
  • Although the yard on the school site is not so large, Machray Park is kitty-corner on the west side and it is a square block in size