Winnipeg Architecture Foundation



George V School

Address:265 Grey Street
Original Use:Educational
Other Work:Semi-detached building beside main structure constructed in 1951
Architects:Winnipeg School Division, In-house (1951)
Contractors:Peter Leitch Construction (1951)

Design Characteristics

  • In the shadow of a grand old school, King George V elementary, erected in 1916, is this quirky small small opened in 1951, but not actually linked permanently to the old school until 1991; this probably implies some separate function for the modern portion, but now the two are joined
  • As well, there was an addition made on the side of the older school in 1948 which has sometimes been confused with this fifties portion
  • It is a simple row of seven or eight classrooms along a single hallway, made of a soft low-quality masonry brick and with a shallow gabled roof; a boiler room, washrooms and some kind of administration office would also be contained here
  • Little has changed over the ensuing years on the exterior so the small building has good integrity with its windows, doors and wall finishes
  • While no technically 'modern' by its brick construction, the design falls well within variations for the period and has seen remarkably little change