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Cecil Rhodes School #2, Winnipeg School Division.

Address:1570 Elgin Avenue West
Original Use:Educational
Other Work:Additions in 1965 and 1987
Architects:Winnipeg School Division, In-house
Contractors:Louis Ducharme & Associates Ltd.

More Information

Designated Cecil Rhodes School #2 by the Winnipeg School Division, Cecil Rhodes #1 school is still up and in use under its current name, 'Adolescent Parent Centre'; the two schools are at opposite ends of a large yard.

The namesake Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) played a major role in British influence in South Africa and established the famed Rhodes Scholarship.

Design Characteristics

  • The school features clarity and balance of design combined with wonderful integrity in the sixties section; it is two stories with a mainly curtain wall on the north and south side of a rectangle, but with a discernible window pattern, still intact, that holds the essence of both the new building technology and the aspirations of the architectural thought
  • The steel frame is expressed frankly along with a dark brown brick infill and wall ends
  • The windows run in a continuous top strip of smaller ones, over a lower pattern which alternates square metal panels with windows of the same proportions, in a steady rhythm across the facade
  • An addition on the east end carried the design somewhat but much later additions beyond for classrooms, a multi-purpose room, labs and a music room have given the complex an irregular footprint and different wall treatments, although respectful of the established height limit

Locations of Supporting Information

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